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New Year, New Home

The new year often brings about new goals and a renewed passion for life. Even if your resolutions have fallen off the wagon, this year, invest in your space and resolve for a better home. Through cleaning, decluttering and creating a mindful space, you can enter this season with a fresh perspective. 

Resolve to: cultivate a clean home

Life gets busy and cleaning gets away from us all. During the winter, it’s especially important to stop seasonal illness with a regular cleaning schedule. One of the easiest ways to do this is by integrating cleaning into your everyday routine! Wiping down the bathroom counter while brushing your teeth and cleaning as you cook consolidates the cleaning process and adds up to a major difference in your home. 

Resolve to: better the planet

When it comes to household products, there is rising awareness of toxic chemicals and wastefulness. Be mindful of the toxins you’re bringing into your home and consider making the change to natural cleaners, detergents and products. Invest in long-lasting supplies like reusable cloths and glassware to replace paper towels and flimsy plastic containers and you’ll be on your way to sustainable living. 

Resolve to: clear your space, clear your head

Marie Kondo rose to popularity a couple of years ago with her advice on decluttering and minimalism. Kondo suggests that you remove items that don’t “spark joy” in your life as a way of pairing down your possessions. By reducing the items in your space, you remove distractions and clutter and make a more welcoming home. If you find yourself holding on to random goods, lean into modern style and give everything a home in a designated basket, drawer or decorative box. 

Resolve to: do more with decor

Homeowners all around are finally breaking out of trends and embracing the personal style of their homes. Whether it’s texture, color, print or art that speaks to you, your home should be a reflection of who you are and how you want others to feel in your home. Woven blankets and neutral tones evoke a calm and clean environment while bright colors and bold art bring energy to visitors. This year, tune into yourself and design the home your heart desires. 

Resolve to: have fun with furniture

Spaces have just as much an impact on our behavior as we have on them so, this year, consider the personality of your space and your goals for its use. If you want guests to feel cozy in your home, integrate muted cool tones, (blue, lilac and green) to generate energy, consider bright colors. If you want to create an area for gathering, orient livingroom furniture to face inward rather than toward the television, creating an intentional conversation space. Designing a home with intention starts with a vision of what your home experience should be and mindful choices now will start a year of new enjoyment. 

Home Image: 1430 N Second Street – Contact Cindee George for more information.


Holiday Hosting

Make this holiday memorable and host like the best of ‘em. These tips and tricks will make every stay a special occasion. 

Fresh Sheets

Few things are more impressive than a crisp and cozy bed. Wash sheets and pillowcases two to three days early so they’ll still have that just-washed feeling when guests arrive. Best practices include: 

  • Wash with cold water
  • Tumble dry separate from other laundry
  • To whiten sheets, add ¼ cup of lemon juice for a natural and fiber-friendly alternative to bleach

Cater to Kids

Whether or not you have kids of your own, hosting children can be a little intimidating. Make sure the smaller guests have plenty of entertainment to keep them busy and happy all stay. We love this local choice from MADE and a trip to Teton Toys – the kids will be begging to come to visit all year long. 

Colorful Wyoming Coloring Journal from MADE

Mix up the Menu 

Local ingredients add a personal touch to every meal. Visit your favorite butcher for bison meat or the grocer for huckleberries and wow guests with the flavors of the west. Better yet, pick up some extra for an easy holiday gift!

Huckleberry Jam from Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Co.

Sweet Treats

Leaving a small gift basket bedside will make guests feel like they checked into a 5-star hotel. Gift variety and aim for something sweet, something cozy, and something practical. Persephone caramels, fuzzy socks, and a travel toothbrush set make an affordable yet meaningful assortment.

Big Picture Farms Caramel Gift Box from Persephone Bakery Café

Home Image: 6900 Paintbrush Trail – Contact Ian Osler 307-690-4574 for more information.


Seasonal Style

This time of year, keep the cold outside while enjoying the coziness of this season. Swapping for these simple decor and design changes are an easy way to elevate your space and enjoy the indoors: 

Play with Textures + Pattern

‘Tis the season for faux fur and flannel aplenty. Layer a fluffy throw blanket at the foot of your bed or exchange your linen curtains for a velvety alternative. It’s amazing how just seeing these supple textures brings warmth and comfort to your room! 

Welcome Wreaths

Wreaths aren’t just for the front door! Small wreaths look beautiful hanging inside a window and are even cuter on a bedroom door. While you defrost from winter sports, give kids their own small wreaths to decorate and design while you put together a welcome wreath for the guest room door. Every wreath will add a unique touch to each room (and will keep little hands busy)!

Cozy up to Color 

While all-white interiors and modern grey designs are all the rage, winter is a time to contrast the snow-covered outdoors and bring some color inside. Dark green, plum, burgundy, and gold are very regal and warm and can be incorporated using decorative pillows, throw blankets, or decor, that are swapped out season by season – no paintbrush needed. 

Give a Winter Glow

Night comes quickly this time of year. Bring some light into the darkness using candle sticks or indoor Christmas lights and make curling up on the couch feel like a scene from a Hallmark movie. Crackling wick candles are great for those without a chimney and LED lights serve as a safe and non-heat-emitting alternative. Simply add a good book and a glass of spirit for a cozy night at home. 

Embrace Wild Wall Art

Have you ever considered swapping a painting for a pelt or the television for a tapestry? Similar to the style suggestions above, fabrics and furs make attainable and stylish winter wall art. Authentic to Wyoming heritage, the use of animal hides and mounts celebrate the ecosystem and traditions of our state while giving even the most modern home a cozy cabin feel. 

Home Image: 1100 E Deer Creek Dr. – Contact C&K Real Estate Group at 307.690.3996 for more information


Welcoming Winter

As the snow settles into Jackson Hole, turn on some holiday music, light a candle, and prepare for the long winter ahead. Though the weather is frightful, with a few simple changes to your entryway, your home will be ready to welcome guests all winter long. 

Share the warmth

This time of year, local non-profits host coat drives where participants donate old or outgrown gear. Consider cleaning out the coat closet while helping out a good cause and donate to St.John’s Episcopal Church or the Browse & Buy. Donating will warm your heart while clothing those most in need in our community!

Stop snow in its tracks

Wipe the snow and slush off your boots using a stylish new doormat. Stopping the dirt outdoors leads to less cleanup and entryway upkeep. While you’re at it consider adding a stool or bench near your doorway so guests can slide their boots off instead of tracking puddles through the house. Here are some of our favorites:

Howdy Rug from MADE
Bench from Belle Cose
Stool from Nest at Home JH

Savor scents of the season

Evergreen, cranberry, and warm spices wrap this season in memorable scents. Whether you choose a candle or diffuser, curate your selection to reflect the holiday decor and create a full sensory experience. This year, we’ll be testing stovetop potpourri as a natural and classic alternative!

Hang up and hang out

Keep necessities at hand while controlling clutter. Organize coats, scarves, and beanies with a catch-all basket and coat hook. Bonus: small gloves are harder to lose when they are given a home!

Coat Rack from Nest at Home JH
Nesting Baskets from 22Home

Home Image: 5725 N Fish Creek – Contact Barbara Andrews 307-413-6620 for more information