Keller Williams Jackson Hole is opening it’s doors with the best and brightest minds in the industry

As the industry leader in the luxury sphere of real estate, Keller Williams is a natural fit for Jackson Hole. Owned and managed by locals, Keller Williams Jackson Hole has the best of both worlds for buyers and sellers of real estate.

The local Keller Williams franchise is owned by real estate sales agent and developer Tyler Davis. Davis calls the new franchise “the best of both worlds” for “having a local feel, with local decisions, being locally owned. We’re a franchise but have a big brand behind us with technology and infrastructure.”

The move of more than 20 agents from Compass Real Estate in Jackson Hole, is described by those making the jump in determinedly polite terms, portrayed as a move to maintain the “local” character of their operations.

Chad Budge, from a longtime local family and a real estate man for 35 years, said that for him it came down to “when you’re local you make your own decisions.”

“I believe in local ownership,” Budge said. “That’s important to me being a native of the valley.”

Without zeroing in on any dissatisfaction with Compass, he said that since the sale “Compass owns the company, they call the shots,” and that he prefers a situation in which “all the decisions are made locally.”

David Neville, another person making the change, said that “until Compass bought Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates, I’ve always been with a locally owned firm” and that he and his partners “like to be in the mix of the leadership of a local company.”

“When you’re that large,” he said of Compass, “you have to get all your offices to operate the same … it has to be run from afar and they can’t have their pulse on everything like locals can.” Read the full article here.