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Tasteful Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Invite others into these listings that lend themselves to springtime gatherings. We took inspiration from each home and compiled a list of seasonal meals sure to impress your guests. 

680 Pine Drive

Cheese and Wine Night

This quaint kitchen is perfect for a girl’s night! Pull a bottle from the built-in wine storage and create a cheese and fruit board for a simple and crowd-pleasing snack. Make a stop at Bin22 or Spirit & Spice for unique beverage and snack choices that will set your charcuterie above the rest.

1449 Buckskin Loop

Peach Cobbler

Something about the modern farmhouse details and light wood of this Victor listing are screaming peach cobbler. Though peaches hit their peak in late summer, this fruit is a fun way to ring in warmer months, especially in such an effortless dessert. Fingers crossed fresh peaches hit our local farmer’s markets soon.

6900 S Paintbrush Trail

Buratta Salad with Watermelon

This renovated kitchen is ready to be broken in and the beautiful stone and bright white cabinets lend themself to a burrata salad with watermelon. This is not your average salad – creamy burrata is a rich base for mint and sweet watermelon making it a refreshing summer selection. 

250 Salt River Ranch

Roasted Chicken

The wooden cabinets and warm tones in this listing make us feel right at home. Put the artisanal oven to work with a roasted chicken and mashed potato meal. Imagine aromas of Italian seasoning, chicken and butter filling this open living space. Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat and Teton Valley Meats have plenty of seasoning and fresh meat to locally outfit your meal.

1430 N Second St

Spinach Dip

Just add some spinach dip, a couple of friends and some background music and you have the makings of a cozy night. Plate crackers, french bread and vegetables to evolve this dip into a variety of tasty bites.

4250 S Rockmore Road

Salmon and Asparagus

A luxury kitchen calls for a classic meal. In this kitchen, salmon and asparagus make a perfect light meal for spring. Take the meal outside and enjoy the warmer weather on your patio, creating a perfect Wyoming evening.

As you search for your next home, imagine building a life there. In your perfect place, who is over? What events will you host? How might outdoor dining change your lifestyle? A home is more than where you live – find the right one with Keller Williams Jackson Hole.