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Welcoming Winter

As the snow settles into Jackson Hole, turn on some holiday music, light a candle, and prepare for the long winter ahead. Though the weather is frightful, with a few simple changes to your entryway, your home will be ready to welcome guests all winter long. 

Share the warmth

This time of year, local non-profits host coat drives where participants donate old or outgrown gear. Consider cleaning out the coat closet while helping out a good cause and donate to St.John’s Episcopal Church or the Browse & Buy. Donating will warm your heart while clothing those most in need in our community!

Stop snow in its tracks

Wipe the snow and slush off your boots using a stylish new doormat. Stopping the dirt outdoors leads to less cleanup and entryway upkeep. While you’re at it consider adding a stool or bench near your doorway so guests can slide their boots off instead of tracking puddles through the house. Here are some of our favorites:

Howdy Rug from MADE
Bench from Belle Cose
Stool from Nest at Home JH

Savor scents of the season

Evergreen, cranberry, and warm spices wrap this season in memorable scents. Whether you choose a candle or diffuser, curate your selection to reflect the holiday decor and create a full sensory experience. This year, we’ll be testing stovetop potpourri as a natural and classic alternative!

Hang up and hang out

Keep necessities at hand while controlling clutter. Organize coats, scarves, and beanies with a catch-all basket and coat hook. Bonus: small gloves are harder to lose when they are given a home!

Coat Rack from Nest at Home JH
Nesting Baskets from 22Home

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