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Holiday Hosting

Make this holiday memorable and host like the best of ‘em. These tips and tricks will make every stay a special occasion. 

Fresh Sheets

Few things are more impressive than a crisp and cozy bed. Wash sheets and pillowcases two to three days early so they’ll still have that just-washed feeling when guests arrive. Best practices include: 

  • Wash with cold water
  • Tumble dry separate from other laundry
  • To whiten sheets, add ¼ cup of lemon juice for a natural and fiber-friendly alternative to bleach

Cater to Kids

Whether or not you have kids of your own, hosting children can be a little intimidating. Make sure the smaller guests have plenty of entertainment to keep them busy and happy all stay. We love this local choice from MADE and a trip to Teton Toys – the kids will be begging to come to visit all year long. 

Colorful Wyoming Coloring Journal from MADE

Mix up the Menu 

Local ingredients add a personal touch to every meal. Visit your favorite butcher for bison meat or the grocer for huckleberries and wow guests with the flavors of the west. Better yet, pick up some extra for an easy holiday gift!

Huckleberry Jam from Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Co.

Sweet Treats

Leaving a small gift basket bedside will make guests feel like they checked into a 5-star hotel. Gift variety and aim for something sweet, something cozy, and something practical. Persephone caramels, fuzzy socks, and a travel toothbrush set make an affordable yet meaningful assortment.

Big Picture Farms Caramel Gift Box from Persephone Bakery Café

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