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Q1 2023 Jackson Hole Market Report

Welcome to our Q1 2023 Jackson Hole Market Report! Our local team has pulled and analyzed the following data, providing insight not only on the past year but historical data that helps identify local trends in the market. For a deeper insight into these numbers, our local team here at Keller Williams Jackson Hole is always available to discuss.


New Year, New Home

The new year often brings about new goals and a renewed passion for life. Even if your resolutions have fallen off the wagon, this year, invest in your space and resolve for a better home. Through cleaning, decluttering and creating a mindful space, you can enter this season with a fresh perspective. 

Resolve to: cultivate a clean home

Life gets busy and cleaning gets away from us all. During the winter, it’s especially important to stop seasonal illness with a regular cleaning schedule. One of the easiest ways to do this is by integrating cleaning into your everyday routine! Wiping down the bathroom counter while brushing your teeth and cleaning as you cook consolidates the cleaning process and adds up to a major difference in your home. 

Resolve to: better the planet

When it comes to household products, there is rising awareness of toxic chemicals and wastefulness. Be mindful of the toxins you’re bringing into your home and consider making the change to natural cleaners, detergents and products. Invest in long-lasting supplies like reusable cloths and glassware to replace paper towels and flimsy plastic containers and you’ll be on your way to sustainable living. 

Resolve to: clear your space, clear your head

Marie Kondo rose to popularity a couple of years ago with her advice on decluttering and minimalism. Kondo suggests that you remove items that don’t “spark joy” in your life as a way of pairing down your possessions. By reducing the items in your space, you remove distractions and clutter and make a more welcoming home. If you find yourself holding on to random goods, lean into modern style and give everything a home in a designated basket, drawer or decorative box. 

Resolve to: do more with decor

Homeowners all around are finally breaking out of trends and embracing the personal style of their homes. Whether it’s texture, color, print or art that speaks to you, your home should be a reflection of who you are and how you want others to feel in your home. Woven blankets and neutral tones evoke a calm and clean environment while bright colors and bold art bring energy to visitors. This year, tune into yourself and design the home your heart desires. 

Resolve to: have fun with furniture

Spaces have just as much an impact on our behavior as we have on them so, this year, consider the personality of your space and your goals for its use. If you want guests to feel cozy in your home, integrate muted cool tones, (blue, lilac and green) to generate energy, consider bright colors. If you want to create an area for gathering, orient livingroom furniture to face inward rather than toward the television, creating an intentional conversation space. Designing a home with intention starts with a vision of what your home experience should be and mindful choices now will start a year of new enjoyment. 

Home Image: 1430 N Second Street – Contact Cindee George for more information.


What’s Trending in 2023?

Year over year, trends in fashion and interior design carry us into 365 days of new memories and style. Looking toward 2023, we have seen shifts in colorways and design that will make this year one to remember. 

Pops of Color

Last year, saw a rise in moody interiors, earthly tones and dark wall colors but, while this trend continues into the new year, bright pops of color are to be expected. 

Pantone’s color of the year is Viva Magenta, a bright pinky hue. Among neutrals and dark tones, this burst of color will add energy to the space and make quite a statement. Because of this impact, we suggest using bold colors in open living spaces rather than the bedroom or small rooms.

If you’re looking to integrate color into your home, start with accents, pillows, and throws to play with the style and, as we approach spring, welcome more color and lean into this burgeoning trend. 

Herend Tooth Fairy Box from Belle Cose
Ombre Velvet Lumbar Pillow from Twenty Two Home
Lazul Onyx Jewelry Box from Elevated Living

Mid-century Motif

Mid-century modern furniture and decor have captured the attention of stylists everywhere. Continuing into 2023, classic mid-century design with rounded lines, dark natural woods, and vibrant colors have gone mainstream. 

Replicate this look by finding a bold furniture piece to style around or introducing geometric accents or lighting to a space. A total renovation is not necessary with pieces like these local finds:

Rust Upholstered Chair from Nest at Home JH
Yellow Vase from Nest at Home JH
Lamar Centerpiece from Elevated Living

Curated Collections

Create a space that is curated not cookie-cutter. Waste-reducing practices like antiquing and repurposing have led to a trend of mixing furniture and styles. Rather than surrounding a table with six identical chairs, a wooden bench can now find itself across the table from a velvet dining chair and the styling opportunities are nearly endless. 

With this trend, it is a good idea to consult a designer or stylist who will help you balance found and new items to look elevated and intentional rather than hodge-podge. Keep in mind that local antique stores are a great source of material and inspiration to accompany new purchases. 

Check out Home Again JH, Fighting Bear, or Eclectic Consignment for fun local finds.

When it becomes hard to keep up with the trends, you can’t go wrong with timeless staples like leather, solid wood and neutral tones. Leather goods will wear with time and age beautifully over the years, solid wooden furniture is hard to find but resilient to damage and grounding with it’s dark tones and wood grain and neutral tones can be evolved with the addition of colors and accents. As trends come and go, evolve your space and welcome creativity through style – a new year and a new look.

Home Image: 185 N Glenwood


2022 Jackson Hole Market Report

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